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WARN Act Overview

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As the WARN acronym suggests, employers are required to give notice–to warn employees–about a mass layoff or plant closing. A mass layoff is defined as the loss of employment for 50 or more employees at a facility. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification means that employers must give workers proper written notification at least 60 days in advance of the proposed action. The notice must contain very specific information. This gives workers time to find, adjust, and retrain for a new job. The WARN Act protects all employees including blue and white collar positions and salaried and hourly workers. Our nationwide WARN lawyers represent clients in federal class and mass action suits, because we strongly believe employers need to comply with the WARN Act. Workers are entitled to a living wage, and they are entitled to 60 days written notice if that wage is going to be taken away. Our New York City law firm represents claimants nationwide in federal class action WARN suits. We serve as co-counsel to experienced attorneys in all 50 states.

Did your plant close or were you laid off without 60 days written notice? Contact a mass layoff violation attorney at Lankenau & Miller.

What is the WARN Act?

Congress passed the WARN Act in 1988. The WARN Act requires that employees receive 60 days advance written notice of a plant closing, mass layoff, or relocation of a job duty to an overseas location. If employers do not give employees proper 60 day notice, employees can generally recover pay and benefits. There must be at least 50 employees who are laid off during a 90 day period. There are several circumstances under which reduced written notice is permitted. Employers often seek to give reduced notice claiming that they are entitled to do so, when in fact they are not. For a fair assessment of your possible claim, contact us.

Let’s Hold Corporations Accountable

Corporate irresponsibility is causing thousands of hard-working Americans to lose their jobs without proper notification. American jobs are being outsourced to India and other countries at alarming rates, leaving our citizens to pick up the pieces and train for new jobs. Factory and plant workers are forced to learn a new trade or new skill. Many people relied on their skill set and their job, planned to retire from the place they worked at for years, and are suddenly faced with the task of looking for a new career.

Many employers who violate the Act seek to have their employees sign “waiver agreements”. It is important that you consult an attorney before signing such agreement.

Does this sound like something that happened to you? Contact a United States WARN Act lawyer. We represent clients in all 50 states. If you are an attorney who is search for experienced legal co-counsel from established WARN Act attorneys, call 212-581-5005.

If you have been let go from your job as part of a mass layoff or plant closing without 60 days written notice, you may have rights under the WARN Act.