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Nationwide WARN Act Litigation Law Firm

Lankenau & Miller, LLP, is a nationwide law firm representing employees who have been laid off in violation of the WARN Act (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification). We began to focus on WARN Act litigation in 1997 and have continued to build a trusted national reputation and strong legacy of success in these niche cases.

Our Legal Team

Our lawyers have over 85 years of combined legal experience. Our combined experience, intelligence and commitment to pursue the smallest or the largest WARN Act case has earned our New York City law firm nationwide recognition.

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Our Record Of Success

Over the past two decades, our firm has prosecuted over 200 WARN cases and has been appointed as class counsel in over 125 of these cases. We have obtained cash recoveries for tens of thousands of employees whose WARN Act rights were violated. We have handled cases with as many as 7,000 class members and cases with as few as 50. No case is too large or too small for us.

Who We Work With

Our firm represents employees who have been laid off in violation of the federal WARN Act. We also work with over 50 employment law and bankruptcy law firms nationwide.

Our firm has represented labor organizations such as UNITE and LatinoJustice PRLDEF. We are counsel to the Sugar Law Center, a well-known not-for-profit organization in Detroit, Michigan, that has testified before Congress on WARN Act violations. As part of a large national team, we have been appointed as co-counsel for law firms throughout the entire United States. Often, our colleagues in employment and bankruptcy firms ask us to assist because of our vast knowledge of WARN Act litigation.

Wondering If You Have A WARN Act Case?

If you were laid off, if your place of employment closed without a proper warning or if your company has moved its operations to a foreign country, you may have rights under the WARN Act. Contact our nationwide WARN Act litigation attorneys at Lankenau & Miller, LLP, to find out whether you have a case. Call 212-581-5005.